Blow job risk

For those of you heading to the United States of America, I strongly suggest that you pray to the glorious gods in heaven that the heathens don’t infect you with their indecent thoughts. There are disturbing/indecent things occurring in that part of the world and you are at serious risk of receiving a blow job if you don’t watch your back …

You have been warned. Be careful.

Nerd concern

The USA government is attempting to bypass the fundamental security system of the internet.

This is quite frightening as it gives them access to pretty much everything, including things which are encrypted whilst in transit


Random fact for the day. I was the first person to ever synthesise the drug used in this product back in 2003 …

Admittedly I only changed the bromide anion to the methanesulfonate used in the final product, but still cool none the less 😀 We were originally trying to create treatments for neurological disorders, then heart problems and I guess someone later on decided it was much better for use as a skin cream :/