Müggelsee – easy hike

We’re going on a pleasant walk through the beautiful forests around Müggelsee. If the weather is nice we will stop somewhere for a swim/picnic.

Start: S Rahnsdorf (accessed via S3 from Ostkreuz)
Finish: S Friedrichshagen
Distance: ~16km
Speed: Slow and probably stopping for swimming, picnic etc.
Cost: A/B transit ticket
Bring: Food, water, swimming clothes (optional) and a positive attitude 🙂
Please wear appropriate clothing and footwear. Note that attendance is entirely at your own risk.

The route:
We start at the Rahnsdorf S-bahn station at 11:00am (can be reached via the S3 which leaves from S Ostkreuz), then meander our way south along the east side of the lake and then cross the water via the F23 ferry. The ferry only requires an A/B ticket (the one you reached S Rahnsdorf with may still be valid for this trip). The ferry leaves at 12:00 sharp.

We head southwards, then head into the forest to Großer Müggelberg, and then onto Kleiner Müggelberg where the former Stasi listening post Fernsehturm Müggelberge is located.

We then head to the west, to the Müggelturm viewing tower is located. The cost for entry is €2 for anyone who is interested in taking a look from the top.
We then head around the west side of the lake and through a tunnel under the water, and keep going north until we reach S Friedrichshagen.

Download a copy of the route in KML format



  1. The ferry can only take 49 people and has only 28 seats.
  2. The ferry only goes every 60 minutes and not during the winter