4 player chess variant

This is a variant of 4 player chess that I think would work well. It has less pieces than a traditional 4 player board, which should reduce complexity, and the eighth rank, for promotion, is very clear, since it’s delineated by when you reach your opposite opponents zone.

Panasonic tape player

I think I last owned one of those around 2005/2006 when I upgraded to an MP3 player. I remember saying that MP3 players were dumb, and that their functionality should just be combined into the phone which we were all already lugging around in our pocket. Nobody seemed to agree.


Question: How many Genders are there?

Katie Hopkins: Two.

Question: And they are?

Katie Hopkins: Male female.

Question: But what about someones right to tell you what their gender is?

Katie Hopkins: No problem at all. So it’s you, you’re gonna tell me what your gender is. But in a less fucked world, I don’t have to believe it. But I’m thrilled for you. You’re a lampshade, I’m so happy. Let me put a light bulb up your arse. Don’t require me to think what you think.