Beetroot juice

I heard that beetroot juice was ridiculously healthy. It sounded nasty, but people claimed it tasted great, so I decided to buy some. It does not task great; it tastes nasty! In an attempt to improve the vile taste, I added a crap-ton of vanilla flavoured whey powder and a bunch of strawberries. It’s now slightly more palatable, but I have three times the amount of liquid to consume now :/

Do any of you have any great suggestions on how to make this crap taste less like something which should stay in the ground where it came from?

Beetroot strawberry smoothie

John Lennon quote

When I went to school, they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote down ‘happy’. They told me I didn’t understand the assignment, and I told them they didn’t understand life

Quitting cola

Public announcement: Due to my unhealthy cola drinking habits, I am quitting drinking cola for three months.

Exceptions to this rule are:

  1. If there is nothing else to drink
  2. If someone (in person) tells me I’m allowed some (need new permission per serving). If a caffeine free cola is available I must choose that one.
  3. If someone serves it to me without me asking for it

1x serving = 500 mL or less

After three months I will reevaluate the situation. If I feel the lack of cola in my life is having a detrimental affect on my well being, then I will return to my cola drinking ways. If I feel the lack of cola in my life has improved my life, then I will extend the time limit even further.

I have gone cola’less for weeks before, but never for months. I have however drastically slashed my intake for long periods, including a drop of around 70% consumption which has so far lasted for about four years. This is first time I have attempted a long term drop to zero consumption however.

And yes, I know other people have far more serious addictions, but this is my only vice in life* and I’d like to see if I can kick the habit.


* I’m not sure if an obsession with sugar counts as a “vice”, but I have that too

MitoQ mesylate

Well this was a surprise. It’s not often you see a drug advertised on Facebook and realise that you are partly responsible for it! The chemical used in this “supplement” is MitoQ mesylate. I was the first one to synthesise it in the mesylate form back in 2004 :)



Context: Betahaus cafe intercom system was calling out (in English) when meals are ready. All I could hear was “chicken garble garble bla bla”, so I strolled on up to let them know it was inaudible.

Me: “All I can hear is garble”
Cook: “Gabel? Hier ist eine Gabel!”
Me: “No, GARBLE, I can’t hear you!”
Cook: “Ja, ja, hier ist Gabel!”
Me:”No, GARBLE. The audio is bad, no one can hear you.”
Cook: “Ja! Gable ist hier. Siehst du?”
me: “Fuck”
Cook: “?”
me: “Was ist das?” (points to meal on counter)
Cook: “Das ist Frank” (meaning it’s Frank’s meal)
Me: “Danke schön :)”

My tummy is rumbling :P