Tools menu on

Sometimes when I create an event on, the tools menu is present, and sometimes not. Any ideas on why this is the case?

I really need access to that, so that I can edit the number of members who can attend. I usually want to cap it at about 70’ish, but today I want it even lower, around 25 (limited by the number of people who can fit on a ferry).


This is it with the tools menu present


Here, there is no tools menu present


This is an old photo I had lost. It was taken in 2008 and sent to my mum, to show how my capsicum plant was so much better than hers. Photo was taken in 8A 245 Cumberland St, Dunedin.

Capsicum plant

Oslo Sentrumsløpet

Six months ago, I set a fitness goal of beating my time of 53.5 minutes in the Oslo Sentrumsløpet, 10 km running race held in Oslo each yet. So I headed back to Oslo, but a combination of snow, overheating, hay fever and perhaps a lower level of fitness than I should have, led to me not beating that time :/ My time was 54 minutes 39 seconds. They at least gave me a medal for it though 🙂


My next goal is run in the Potsdam half marathon on June. That should be fairly straightforward as I only intend to run it, and am not aiming to beat any particular time (2 hours is a vague goal, but I have no idea if that is realistic or not since I’ve never timed myself over the distance before).

Edit: The Potsdam half marathon never happened because Mo, who I was going to run in it with, pulled out.

No make sense!?

This doesn’t make sense. The radiation emitted directly from the radio in a mobile phone can not cause a measurable heating effect. The only heating would be caused from radiant heat and conduction from the phone. I swear my phone is almost always stone cold. I think the insulating effect from having my wallet in my front pants pocket would have more effect on my ball temperature than my phone would.

Archived screenshot