Effects of the digital world on young people

Here is a random brain dump I commented on a post by Clive Murphie on Facebook.

I think most peoples fears of the digital world are misplaced. Younger folk are much more sociable than our generations ever were. Their opportunities to create and share art work are improved through the ability to share what they create, along with opportunities to learn and compare from others. If anyone wants to learn how to cook something, they can just look it up online; this can lead to much more interesting and varied food as people take all sorts of recipes from around the world and vary them up. Creating professional level music is now trivial, whereas in the past it was basically impossible for most due to the huge costs involved. A problem I see is sports, as there’s a little less pressure to do exercise due to the lack of boredom; but this is somewhat tempered by the improved sharing of information regarding fitness and well-being that young folk get through digital means.

New exercise regime

Getting frustrated for 30 mins, followed by aggressively storming around the house in a huff for 10 mins. After a short break, I will continue with 10 mins of aggressively bashing my head against something solid, finished off with 15 mins of heavy sighing and stretching my neck whilst staring forlornly at the floor.

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chill shop

My local chilli shop got fresh chillis in.
I bought a big selection of them 😀

I said to the guy at the shop “will this burn my mouth out if I try to eat it on my way home?” and pointed to the least spicy one I bought (can’t remember the name, but it was something less spicy than a jalepno). He laughed and said it’s probably okay because he is able to eat a whole one himself without it being too painful. So I chomped down on the end of it … nothing …. chomped through the rest of it. Meh. Nothing. Anticlimactic.

So I reached into the box and pulled out a lemon habanero and thought … well, last one was nothing, so lets try this …
I chomped down the end of it … mmmm, nice and warm … chomp chomp chomp …. chomp chomp chomp … burning …


I ran into a shop for emergency water lol!
I stopped at another shop for two ice creams a few minutes afterwards:D

Lesson of the day .. lemon habanero’s are quite hot and not meant to be eaten like a carrot. They do taste damn nice and I’m now basking in the warm sweaty burning afterglow of this experience.

I still have two remaining lemon habanero chillis. The back one is resting on a ghost chilli and in the foreground is the wrinkled prune like texture of the carolina reaper which is sitting their taunting me. At the top is the one I can’t remember the name of, on the right is a scorpion chilli and on the left is a cayanne pepper.