Template for inline skating events at Tempelhoferfeld

We are meeting at Tempelhof [date TBA] to go inline skating. It would be great if you could join us 😀 We are meeting at 2:00 pm (5pm is better if it’s hot).

Levels: All levels are welcome. Lots of beginners join us, so don’t be shy 😀

Meeting point:
We’ll meet in the Southwest corner of Tempelhofer Feld. I’ll be there with a bright red T-shirt on and a black cap (and skates obviously 😛 ).
Closest public transport is S-Tempelhof (Südring S41/S42/S45) or U6-Tempelhof. It’s is about 3 minutes from the entrance of the S-Bahn across Tempelhofer Damm, then you enter the park, pass a few bicycle racks, continue the path to the right hand and then there is already the toilet container and next to it two concrete benches, where people will be busy changing their shoes (see the big blue X in the lower left hand corner below)

What to bring:
There is no changing and storage place at Tempelhofer Feld so you need to be in comfortable clothes already and you need to bring a small backpack to carry your shoes and other stuff. Some water, sun cream and sun glasses might be helpful.

Own inline skates required as there is no rental station nearby.

Beginner: Wannsee loop 16km

Beginner hike starting at S-bahn Wannsee.

Route: We head to the coastline via the forest, then walk towards Pfaueninsel. From there we walk through the forest until we reach the famous Glienicke Schlöss, a palace formerly built for Prince Carl of Prussia in 1826. We then head into the forest again, before crossing the bridge over the Griebnitzsee, and heading into the Wannsee-Düppel forest and eventually arriving back at S-Bahn Wannsee. Those not wanting to head straight home afterwards can join us for drinks/food.

Distance: 15 – 16km on easy forest paths.

Approximate route: http://bit.ly/2CKfqAK

Meeting place: Outside the main entrance to S-Bahn Wannsee (S1 or S7; don’t go through the tunnel directly towards the ferry, but come up the steps and meet by the bus stops). Look for the big group of hikers 😉 If you are early, then look for the guy wearing bright red (that’s me / Ryan).

Costs: You may need an A-B zone BVG ticket to reach the start point. You may want money to buy food and drinks at the end.

Weather: Rain, hail or snow will not stop this event. If the weather looks horrendous, bring a good rain coat and thermals 😀

Bring: Appropriate clothing and footwear. Drinking water and food. A smile.

Note: Attendance is entirely at your own risk.

Chocolate eclair dinner

I was feeling terrific this afternoon, so I decided to treat myself to a horrendously unhealthy but equally tremendously yummy dinner of chocolate eclairs.

I went to the bakery and they had two left. The friendly Turkish man by the counter (who I had never met) asked me what I’d like and I said “Ich hätte gern zwei Eclairs bitte!” (gimme two eclairs!). He started to package up the two eclairs for me when I realised that perhaps the gods didn’t want me to have just eclairs for dinner as I realised I was totally out of cash (ze Germans don’t understand how to pay via normal methods). So I apologised and said I didn’t have any money. He then told me that wasn’t a problem, and with a big friendly smile, he told me I could just come back in the morning and pay then.

He had no idea who I was, if I was trustworthy, or anything. Freakin’ sweet! Literally sweet! Just like my dinner 😀