Effects of the digital world on young people

Here is a random brain dump I commented on a post by Clive Murphie on Facebook.

I think most peoples fears of the digital world are misplaced. Younger folk are much more sociable than our generations ever were. Their opportunities to create and share art work are improved through the ability to share what they create, along with opportunities to learn and compare from others. If anyone wants to learn how to cook something, they can just look it up online; this can lead to much more interesting and varied food as people take all sorts of recipes from around the world and vary them up. Creating professional level music is now trivial, whereas in the past it was basically impossible for most due to the huge costs involved. A problem I see is sports, as there’s a little less pressure to do exercise due to the lack of boredom; but this is somewhat tempered by the improved sharing of information regarding fitness and well-being that young folk get through digital means.

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