Context: Betahaus cafe intercom system was calling out (in English) when meals are ready. All I could hear was “chicken garble garble bla bla”, so I strolled on up to let them know it was inaudible.

Me: “All I can hear is garble”
Cook: “Gabel? Hier ist eine Gabel!”
Me: “No, GARBLE, I can’t hear you!”
Cook: “Ja, ja, hier ist Gabel!”
Me:”No, GARBLE. The audio is bad, no one can hear you.”
Cook: “Ja! Gable ist hier. Siehst du?”
me: “Fuck”
Cook: “?”
me: “Was ist das?” (points to meal on counter)
Cook: “Das ist Frank” (meaning it’s Frank’s meal)
Me: “Danke schön :)”

My tummy is rumbling 😛

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