How to confuse a doctors office

How to confuse the shit out of a doctors office in one easy step …

turn up and explain that they vaccinated you despite having a recent prior infection. Then when they point out this is impossible because your documentation said you had no prior infection, you explain that you received antibody test results after your first shot which indicate a prior infection. Then when they ask which doctor requested the tests, you explain that no doctor requested it, but you requested it. Then when they ask which doctors office took the blood, you explain that you just stabbed yourself, bled into a tube and then mailed it off. Then they look terribly confused and repeat everything in English because they assume the language barrier is causing the problem. Rinse and repeat for every person at their front desk until they all look at each other and decide you are too complicated, and call in the doctor for advice. Then he gives you a “how the fuck did that happen?” look, then calls in the head honcho who also gives you a “how the fuck did that happen?” look and determines that your scenario is too weird. Then to get rid of you, they offer you a second shot on the spot, which you don’t actually need due to having a prior infection. So I took the second shot, and here I am now with all my documentation saying I’m vaccinated against COVID-19. I seem to be the only patient they’d ever had with a recent prior infection who had been vaccinated (because they’re not meant to vaccinate in that scenario). So I now have triple protection … natural immunity from infection, first shot, second shot.

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