Quitting cola

Public announcement: Due to my unhealthy cola drinking habits, I am quitting drinking cola for three months.

Exceptions to this rule are:

  1. If there is nothing else to drink
  2. If someone (in person) tells me I’m allowed some (need new permission per serving). If a caffeine free cola is available I must choose that one.
  3. If someone serves it to me without me asking for it

1x serving = 500 mL or less

After three months I will reevaluate the situation. If I feel the lack of cola in my life is having a detrimental affect on my well being, then I will return to my cola drinking ways. If I feel the lack of cola in my life has improved my life, then I will extend the time limit even further.

I have gone cola’less for weeks before, but never for months. I have however drastically slashed my intake for long periods, including a drop of around 70% consumption which has so far lasted for about four years. This is first time I have attempted a long term drop to zero consumption however.

And yes, I know other people have far more serious addictions, but this is my only vice in life* and I’d like to see if I can kick the habit.


* I’m not sure if an obsession with sugar counts as a “vice”, but I have that too


Anna gave me 40 mL of Coke. That was the only cola I managed to consume during this three month period. Now that it’s over, I get headaches whenever I drink cola :/ I guess the caffeine is not agreeing with me very well now … this is probably a good thing, although it doesn’t feel so good when it happens. I have drunk 1 L of Coke Zero so far since it ended.


  • 10 day off period where I’m free to go nuts – although I’m not, as I’m getting headaches from it now :/
  • Allowed unlimited sugar free colas
  • 1x 1000 mL cola allowed per month
  • Review after another six months

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