Response to global warming alarmists and deniers

The problem I see with analysing climate science for the masses, is that almost all data presented to the common person is manipulated either for or against climate warming being a problem. Most of the junk I see flowing through my Facebook feed alerting to the horrors of global warming, is nothing more than fear mongering junk, with little to no relevance to scientific study. That doesn’t mean global warming isn’t a problem, but the data (or analysis of data) used to argue the point is usually farcical at best.

Given this situation, I’m not surprised there is a debate amongst the populace regarding the situation. Then throw in the number of glaciologists and climatologists who shrug their shoulders when asked the question “is global warming a problem” and you have a situation in which many people will decide to take sides and aggressively push their own agenda.

FYI, I have no solution to this Just pointing out my viewpoint.

This comment was in response to an article posted by Jason Price on Facebook.

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