Ryan’s lazy arse fitness goal

My goals normally involve losing fat, eating more vegetables or drinking less cola. I have met every single goal I have set for myself which I publicly announced. So with this in mind, I decided to set a goal which would put me in better physical shape.

Goal = to be able to do 100 press-ups (in a row) within 365 days

delayed by six months due to breaking my arm on May 2nd.

* It should be a fairly trivial target to reach
* I’ve always been a scrawny runt and want to fix that
* More muscle will make it easier to lose my chubby gut
* Without a goal, I’ll only run/walk as exercise
* Pumping weights bores me
* I can do press-ups anywhere, any time
* Winter is coming
* Gyms are annoying
* Press-ups give a good all body workout
* I work well with targets
* I’ll give up with a higher goal
* Once I can do 100 press-ups, maintaining it should be easy
* 100 press-ups per day will count as an aerobic workout too
* This is a goal which I can maintain for a long-time

I rarely miss personal targets I set for myself. I’m also very careful about what targets I set, to ensure that I meet them. This is a straightforward and hopefully easy to target to meet.

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