They feel something, then think in depth about their feelings, and then validate those feelings as their new conception of reality, never having to expose that process to the objective light of anything/anyone external. And the problem is that subjectively of course, that feels exactly the same as a truth arrived at by more rigorous means. – Phill Minns 2022-05-09

Psychedelic hike idea

This is a plan under development …
DATE = Saturday 2022-06-04

This event is being run in conjunction with the Psychedelic Society Berlin ( and is open to anyone with an interest in the wonderful world of psychedelics. Our intention is to create a pleasant atmosphere for psychedelic fanatics to meet and enjoy nature together.

We will be starting at S Heerstraße at 11:00am (look for the mob of hikers standing outside the station). From there, we head straight into the forest and slowly meander our way over Drachenberg, around the spy domes of Teufelsberg, then head down the hill to the der Havel river, and follow the coast for a bit.

If the weather is good, we will then stop by the waters edge for the rest of the afternoon at Badestelle Grunewaldturm ( Anyone who wants to head home earlier, can make a short walk up the hill to Grunewaldturm where you can catch a bus (218 Pfaueninsel leaves at 16 and 46 mins past the hour).

Rough guide to the route:
You can download a GPX version here …


Meeting point: Heerstraße S-Bahn station (look for the mob of hikers outside the station)

Start time: 11:00am sharp
Finish time: No idea, but probably before 17:00

Distance: ~7.5 km +/- 1 km

Bring: A good attitude and stuff for a picnic (blanket, food, drink, sunscreen, mozzie repellant etc)

Cost: Spending an afternoon with like minded fans of psychedelics

Cancellation: The trip will be cancelled if weather doesn’t look good.

Please wear appropriate clothing and footwear. Note that attendance is entirely at your own risk.

Would you like to organise a hike? If so, please get in touch! We always love to have new organisers, and if you aren’t sure what is required, just ask and we are happy to provide assistance with anything you may like to know.

NATO membership

There’s a heated discussion currently about whether Finland and Sweden should join NATO. The Russian government views this as a provocation, despite NATO having never shown any indications of threatening Russia.

Imagine a world where the conversation was about whether Russia should join NATO. This could have happened if the Russian government didn’t shove it’s own head up it’s backside looking for non-existent enemies.


Just because the law defines something as a crime, does not mean it is something that should be prosecuted.

New Zealand has a blasphemy law. Police don’t waste their time prosecuting people for being blasphemous because they know it’s a stupid law. The same should apply to weed. – Ryan Hellyer

Huel Mexican Chilli

Tonight I had Huels new Mexican Chilli soup. Just add hot water and you have an INSTANT meal 😀 None of this faffing about with stove tops and vegetables and crap.

This is probably the closest I’ll ever get to becoming a soldier … I feel like I just ate an MRE for dinner.
The Russians are feeding some of their soldiers expired inedible MREs. They could have just ordered some Mexican chilli soup from Huel!

I would describe the taste of my dinner as “edible”.