Psychic abilities

What I do know is that we have absolutely zero understanding of how consciousness works or what it is. The evidence we have of it’s existence, is that we experience it. With this in mind, anything is possible. But there has always been logical explanations for the sorts of studies listed in that paper. I think it’s best to accept the explanations we can explain, otherwise we risk going off on an irrelevant tangent. – Ryan Hellyer

Ideasthesia vs synesthesia


While “synesthesia” meaning “union of senses” implies the association of two sensory elements with little connection to the cognitive level, empirical evidence indicated that most phenomena linked to synesthesia are in fact induced by semantic representations. – from Wikipedia


There are two overall forms of synesthesia:

projective synesthesia: people who see colors, forms, or shapes when stimulated (the widely understood version of synesthesia).
associative synesthesia: people who feel a very strong and involuntary connection between the stimulus and the sense that it triggers. – from Wikipedia