New exercise regime

Getting frustrated for 30 mins, followed by aggressively storming around the house in a huff for 10 mins. After a short break, I will continue with 10 mins of aggressively bashing my head against something solid, finished off with 15 mins of heavy sighing and stretching my neck whilst staring forlornly at the floor. Originally… Continue reading New exercise regime

BenQ camera

This is random. I saw the first digital camera I ever bought on today. I bought it in 2004, so I’m kinda surprised it’s been for sale at all recently.

chill shop

My local chilli shop got fresh chillis in. I bought a big selection of them 😀 I said to the guy at the shop “will this burn my mouth out if I try to eat it on my way home?” and pointed to the least spicy one I bought (can’t remember the name, but it… Continue reading chill shop

EASY Grunewald loop hike

We start at S Grunewald at 11:00am (look for the mob of hikers standing outside the station), then head straight into the forest. We meander our way through the forest, over Teufelsberg, then head down the hill to the der Havel river, and follow the coast for a bit. Weather permitting, we will stop by… Continue reading EASY Grunewald loop hike

Müggelsee loop hike

We’re going on a pleasant walk through the beautiful forests around Müggelsee. We will stop somewhere for a swim/picnic. The route is in a loop for those wanting to cycle to the start point to avoid public transport. Most of the route will be under tree cover to keep us cool in this crazy heat… Continue reading Müggelsee loop hike