Werde Baumblutenfest trip

The Werde Baumblutenfest (blossom festival) starts this weekend. The weather looks great, so we’re doing a bike trip from Berlin to the festival, then cycling around the Baumblutenfest route and trying out the occasional local fruit wine at the stalls and gardens along the way.

Here’s some information about the Baumblutenfest:

Blütenrundfahrt / Offene Höfe und Gärten

Leaving time is 11am on Sunday April 28th from Starbucks at Brandenburger Tor. If you want to meet up with this somewhere else along the route, then just let us know. If you can’t cycle the whole way, then feel free to arrange to meet us in Potsdam (you may not be able to get a bike all the way to Werde due to trains being so busy).

Here’s a route map for the trip to Werde (~ 40 km). Feel free to suggest changes if you know if a better route.

And here is a route for the Baumblutenfest trail (~41 km):

I’ll be taking the train back from Potsdam (potentially Werde if there’s room on a train). Including the trip back to Potsdam, the total route would be 93 km.

Current attendees are me, and Robinson Cheng. Feel free to invite whoever you like.

Who would like to join?

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