ENT disaster

Rewritten by an LLM via a Google review I wrote:

I walked into the clinic with a blocked ear, expecting a simple ear cleaning. The doctor didn’t even greet me. He performed a quick and crude hearing test with a tuning fork, glanced in my ears, declared “alles gut” (everything is good), and dismissed me in less than a minute. I left with a prescription for ear drops and instructions to return in two days if the issue persisted. The receptionist assured me I wouldn’t be charged unless I needed to come back.

Two days later, the ear drops had worsened my condition. Annoyed but hopeful for proper treatment, I returned. Instead of a gentle ear cleaning, the doctor jammed a metal instrument into my ears, causing excruciating pain as he yanked out chunks of something. I nearly walked out but stayed, thinking I don’t really know much about ear treatments and perhaps this was normal. He did the same to my other ear, which was even more painful, and then dismissed me again. A nurse advised me to sit until I felt better, concerned I might pass out. I was told to keep fabric inserts in my ears overnight and return in three days.

Something felt off, so I visited another ENT doctor later that day. My ears felt very poor. When I described the ordeal, the new doctor took a brief look and exclaimed, “HE’S CRAZY!” She explained that he hadn’t removed the earwax but had taken chunks out of my ear canal. She said it was bleeding. She gently removed the wax with a vacuum device that didn’t hurt much at all, and gave me antibiotic drops to prevent infection from the damage caused by the incompetent nut job.

Below is an image of what I think is the blood that the second doctor found in my ear.

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