chill shop

My local chilli shop got fresh chillis in.
I bought a big selection of them 🙂

I said to the guy at the shop “will this burn my mouth out if I try to eat it on my way home?” and pointed to the least spicy one I bought (can’t remember the name, but it was something less spicy than a jalepno). He laughed and said it’s probably okay because he is able to eat a whole one himself without it being too painful. So I chomped down on the end of it … nothing …. chomped through the rest of it. Meh. Nothing. Anticlimactic.

So I reached into the box and pulled out a lemon habanero and thought … well, last one was nothing, so lets try this …
I chomped down the end of it … mmmm, nice and warm … chomp chomp chomp …. chomp chomp chomp … burning …


I ran into a shop for emergency water lol!
I stopped at another shop for two ice creams a few minutes afterwards:D

Lesson of the day .. lemon habanero’s are quite hot and not meant to be eaten like a carrot. They do taste damn nice and I’m now basking in the warm sweaty burning afterglow of this experience.

I still have two remaining lemon habanero chillis. The back one is resting on a ghost chilli and in the foreground is the wrinkled prune like texture of the carolina reaper which is sitting their taunting me. At the top is the one I can’t remember the name of, on the right is a scorpion chilli and on the left is a cayanne pepper.

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