Müggelsee loop hike

We’re going on a pleasant walk through the beautiful forests around Müggelsee. We will stop somewhere for a swim/picnic. The route is in a loop for those wanting to cycle to the start point to avoid public transport. Most of the route will be under tree cover to keep us cool in this crazy heat 🙂

Start: S Berlin-Friedrichshagen (accessed via S3 from Ostkreuz)
Finish: S Berlin-Friedrichshagen
Distance: ~16 km (+/- 4 km)
Speed: Slow and probably stopping for swimming, picnic etc.
Bring: Food for lunch, water, swimming clothes (optional) and a positive attitude 😀
Please wear appropriate clothing and footwear. Note that attendance is entirely at your own risk.

The route:
We start at the S Berlin-Friedrichshagen station at 11:00am (can be reached via the S3 which leaves from S Ostkreuz), then meander our way to the Spree where we take a tunnel underneath the water, then walk alongside Müggelsee, before ascenting to the top of Kleiner Müggelberg, then over to Müggelturm (an old East German viewing platform). If time permits we will then visit Teufelssee (the Müggelberg one), otherwise we will head directly over to the local mountain bike track where there is a nice view of the area south of Müggelsee, then onto the Fernsehturm Müggelberge (a TV tower) and then up to Großer Müggelberg, the largest natural “mountain” in Berlin. From there we descend towards Müggelsee again where we will look for a suitable place top stop for lunch and a swim. How long we will stay for swimming is unclear; it depends somewhat on weather, swimming conditions etc. Anyone who doesn’t want to stick around is welcome to head off early (the route back to the S-Bahn station is very easy to follow).

Please follow all corona-friendly rules/laws when travelling to/from and during the hike. If you turn up sick, be prepared to have stuff thrown at you.

Would you like to organise a hike? If so, please get in touch! We always love to have new organisers, and if you aren’t sure what is required, just ask and we are happy to provide assistance with anything you may like to know.

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