Norskurss – del to!

I need to write a dialog in Norwegian for the following cartoon. I want something witty and easy for me to translate into Norwegian. Any suggestions?

Merkelig han

  1. Awesome! Hun er ikke her. Hun har ikke så meg
  2. Okay … fem minutter og hun ferdig arbeid
  3. Oh. Hun er der
  4. Jeg skal gjemme meg i kafe
  5. Jeg skal glo fra kafe
  6. Drit! Jeg tenk hun så meg!
  7. Jeg er flau. Jeg drikker nå
  8. mmmm, sexy jente 😀 purrrr
  9. Jeg skal glo fra her i morgen

5 thoughts on “Norskurss – del to!”

  1. ‎1. Hey, what did that girl say?
    2. Those girls were making mean comments about my cool puffer vest. Bitches.
    3. Hey, I heard some guy was wearing a hilarious puffer vest, where is he? I want to see it.
    4. I guess I’ll just go and drown my sorrows.
    5. The girls in here are making fun of me, too. Can I never find respite??
    6. I guess I can’t drown anything when I’m wearing what amounts to a life jacket. Damn.
    7. I wish I could’ve seen that stupid guy in the puffer vest. That would’ve cheered me up. Maybe he went back to the 1990s.
    8. Hey! I heard that!
    9. Would he ever wear the puffer vest again? Or had those mean girls crushed his tiny spirit?

  2. 1. Good she’s not here, she hasn’t seen me.
    2. OK, five minutes until she finishes work
    3. Oh, there she is!
    4. I better go hide in the cafe so I look legit
    5. Yessss seat by the window, perfect spot to stare at her from
    6. Oh shit I think she saw me watching her… look down, keep it subtle
    7. Look at the way she walks…
    8. I could stare it her all day!
    9. OK, same time tomorrow night!

    Stalking 101.

    1. Hmmm, that’s also quite awesome. Now the next question, which to do … maybe I’ll try both. Might be a little short on time for that though as these things tend to take me a while.

  3. Those stories were beyond my meagre Norwegian skills for the time being, but I patched together a story based on them about a creepy guy … well Google translator can tell you the rest as I’ve published it above 🙂

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