Bog roll issues

I have a very first world problem … Anyone who has been to my apartment will be aware that I like to buy absolutely enormous amounts of toilet paper. Then I never buy any toilet paper for about six months, maybe a year. It’s great. Less shopping and I never run out of bog roll.… Continue reading Bog roll issues

Art in 1994

14 year old me thought this was a stunning piece of artwork. I hadn’t seen it again until now. Not the monstrosity I suspected it was in reality, but definitely not the object of perfection I recalled it as. I didn’t think I would ever see it again, but for some reason I suddenly remembered… Continue reading Art in 1994

Medovik torta

Medovik torta is a traditional Russian dessert I learned about a long time ago from a close friend from Kazakhstan. Years later, I experienced it with another person from Kazakhstan when we found it in a random cafe in Berlin 😀