I tried to use the word “humpty” recently, and discovered that nobody knew what on earh I was talking about. Once I looked into it, I discovered that only kiwis I knew were aware of what a humpty is. It’s also clear from a quick Google search, that the only places selling them, are in New Zealand.

A humpty is a type of furniture which seems to be called an Ottoman in most places.

According to this blog post from 2007, it’s also a term used in Newfoundland in Canada.

I added a definition to for the term “humpty” today …

How to deal with antivaxxers

The problem is partially that many people are as thick as a post, but we knew that before the pandemic. IMHO, the core problem is that society has created a scenario in which the general public have lost trust in the authorities. I think we should focus on fixing the underlying issue of many political decisions (including those pre-COVID) being made based on political whims rather than what is best for society. Stopping anti-vax propaganda may help the immediate problem, but it’s just a bandaid on a gaping wound. – Ryan Hellyer